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Please note that we no longer manage Regency Village, Hunters Run, and Wylds Woods Apartments.


Three16 uses a third party screening service to process our applications. This service provides the following information: credit score, credit history, background/criminal history, previous residence history, and gross income. Our applicants must have a credit score of 600 or higher. Note: Some properties require a specific score to qualify for the advertised security deposit/administrative fee and any advertised specials. If you do not meet that specific score, but do receive a score of 600 or higher, you can be approved with a modified security deposit/administrative fee. Example: your property requires a screening score of 800 to move in with a $200 security deposit. If your score is 600, you will still be approved to move in but will be required to pay a full month’s rent or higher for a security deposit. Please view your specific property to see your security deposit requirements (Please note Lakeside Townhomes has a 650 Credit Score Requirement)


  • We will not approve anyone who does not meet the income qualification of 3.2 times the monthly rent of the residence in gross monthly income.
  • We will not approve anyone who is a registered sex offender or has a drug/violence related criminal conviction.
  • We will not approve anyone with any other felony conviction within the last 7 years unless mistaken identity can be proven with documentation.
  • We will not approve anyone with an active bankruptcy that has not been discharged.
  • We will not approve anyone with a dispossessory filing or eviction served within the last 7 years.
  • We will not approve anyone who owes a balance to another property management company or landlord.


Anyone over 18 must submit an application! Applicants are broken into 2 groups: leaseholders and occupants. Leaseholders are residents held financially responsible for the residence, and occupants are those living in the residence who are not financially responsible.


  • At least one leaseholder must be 21 or older unless they are active duty military. Any leaseholder under 21 must have a qualifying GA resident co-signer who is 21 or older.
  • We will perform a background and credit check, and verify your resident history, employment history, and gross income. To do this we need the following items in addition to your application: 1. Proof of income in the form of your 2 most recent pay stubs, LES, tax returns, bank statements, financial aid, social security, disability, court ordered funds, etc (income must show a gross amount of 3.2 times the monthly rent of the residence being applied for). 2. Copy of your Drivers License 3. Copy of your Social Security Card.


  • Any person over 18 who will be permanently living in the residence must submit an application.
  • For occupants who are not leaseholders (not a responsible party), only a background check is performed. To do this we need the following items in addition to an application: 1. Copy of Drivers License. 2. Copy of Social Security Card.

Application Fees:

All application fees are non-refundable. The first application is $50, any additional are $25 each. This must be paid before we can process the application(s). This can be paid by card over the phone, or by check or money order brought to the office.

All required documents can be emailed to applications@three16propertymanagement.com, or brought to the office.

The office is located at 4270 Belair Frontage Road, Suite B, Augusta GA 30909.


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